Your system got scanned?

Probably you're here because your logs showed up or your IDS alerted you that this or some other server(s) related to this domain scanned your server or system. Let us clarify that we do not intend any malicious activity or trying to break into your OS.
All scans are held at minimum traffic, the preferred used software is masscan. So a scan uses only a few bytes of internet traffic on each port. No login data will be transmitted, no flooding of any ports is going to happen. Please consider this before any abuse mails are going to be sent. Our scans are happening due to research ambitions (e.g. mapping several services on the internet, collecting data about HTTP servers still vulnerable to Heartbleed).

Nevertheless, if you do not wish to be scanned anymore, please send us a mail (you'll find contact data in the TLS certificate of this website). We maintain an exclude list and after we received your mail no more scans will happen from our IP's. Thanks!